Here at Gts, we help create the perfect tools for electronic education to sweeten the learning experience. Our LMS developers are fully developed in all EdTech aspects for a variety of industries.

Custom Learning
Management System

Open new possibilities for your students with a brand new LMS tailored to your specific needs or sharpen an existing one if it lacks some critical features. Here are examples of tasks that companies effectively solve using LMS developed by Gts:

  • Newbie Adaptation

  • Regular employee training

  • Branch staff training

  • Certification

  • Personnel reserve training

  • Creating a single internal knowledge base

  • Partner and customer training

School Management
and Administration Software

With eLearning solutions viable for teachers, the burden of the paperwork, student engagement, and planning advances and gets automated. Here are just a few of the features you might benefit when using school management software by Gts:

  • Pack your educational programs in electronic format and move from the classical form of education to the mixed one.

  • Build an individual learning path.

  • Increase the level of student involvement in the educational process.

  • Keep records of attendance and grades.

  • Turn tedious prep into the captivating and fast process by using templates for syllabus creation.

  • Work with your students via video conferences, chats, shared whiteboards.

Tailor-made E-learning

We can turn your business idea into a simple and convenient solution for the placement and sale of educational courses. Order your e-learning marketplace to launch and scale your online learning business. Gts’s user-friendly EdTech solutions allow:

  • Monetization of knowledge, skills, and experience.

  • Revenue increased by promoting the brand of an online school/training center.

  • Setting up a full training cycle from creating a selling landing page and accepting payments to issuing certificates.

On-Demand Mobile
Learning Apps

Gts developers help the education industry to adapt to the conditions of iOS or Android mobile environment, becoming more compact, narrowly focused and interactive. We convert heavy paper books into thrilling music, video, online video streaming learning apps, 3D book reading and gaming programs with attractive and flexible UI/UX, featured admin dashboards and analytics panels. All this allows our customers to offer:

  • Higher learner engagement

  • Bite-sized and digestible learning

  • Social and collaborative learning

  • A learner-centric approach