Treat your users with amazing interactive gaming experience on any device: smartphone, PC or tablet.

Apart from in-house developed games, we have plenty of experience in game dev for our clients. Be it a smartphone, tablet, web or desktop game, we master the right technology for it. Whether it is HTML5 or Python game development or a project on Unity engine, we will make sure your product is user-friendly, interesting and works perfectly.

HTML5 Game Development

We have a team of experts in this technology on our team, so if HTML5 game development is what you need, we’d be happy to assist. HTML5 is perfect for 2D game development, this technology is very easy, but at the same powerful and allows create cross-platform games that would run on desktop, mobile and web. HTML5 game development was used to create such products as Angry Birds, Bejeweled and others.

JavaScript Game Development

JavaScript is used for creating amazing 2D games for various platforms, and there are lots of game engines supporting JavaScript game development such as Construct 2, ImpactJS and many others. This technology is very popular when it comes to creating games, and the examples of using JS for creating games are such products as Solitaire, PacMan, Minesweeper and many others.

Python Game Development

Our professional developers are always ready to help you with your Python game development project. We use Stackless Python as it is the lightweight of python perfect for creating games. We use such technologies as Pygame, Pyglet, Pyopengl etc. Remember Pirates of the Caribbean developed by Disney? It is based on Panda3d engine and uses Python as a scripting language.

Java and Scala Game Development

These technologies are very popular in game development, and outsourcing Java or Scala game development will save you a lot of budget, so that you might invest the saved money into advertisement to deliver your product to the market. These technologies are great for creating 3D games including Android, Windows 7 game development etc. Great examples of games written in Java are Minecraft, Guitar Hero Mobile Series and others.

Platforms We Develop Games For

We provide game development outsourcing for the majority of platforms including Android, iOS game development, creating games for desktop devices or even web-based ones.

iOS Game Development Services

This is one of the most popular mobile platforms, and actually, according to statistics, if you are looking to develop a paid game, iOS is your best choice. We have good experience in creating iOS games, and with the help of such famous technologies as C++, C#, Objective-C and Swift, we will be glad to assist you in working up new masterpieces.

Android Game Development Services

If you create a mobile game, Android version for it is a must, because this is the most popular mobile development platform in the world. We use Python, Java, HTML5, as well as C# and Scala game development tools to create amazing products your users will love.

PC Game Development Services

We develop amazing desktop games for Windows, Linux and macOS using popular technologies such as C#, C++, Unity3d, OpenGL, Blitz3D etc. Choosing Gts agency as your software outsourcing partner you are getting the guarantee of high quality.

Browser Games Development Services

Browser games are so attractive because they don’t require downloading and setting of ton-gig files on your device. Gts offers its clients the opportunity to create an online game with an entertaining plot, a high quality design, and a smooth role-play mechanics that will draw a crowd of gamers.